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Small actions can make a big difference. Take action today and defend persecuted Christians by signing a petition, organising a vigil, or reporting an incident.

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Make a Donation

We rely solely on the generosity of people like you to help protect people’s rights to freedom of religion and belief and support the people who suffer persecution and injustice. Your donation helps us engage in powerful advocacy and make religious freedom a reality in Iran, influencing attitudes, behaviours and politics in order to bring about transformational change for Iranian society.

Orginse a Prayer Event

Equipe your church to "Seek Justice"

If you would like to organise a prayer event with your church or start a small group to pray for persecuted Christians in Iran, we will provide resources that you can use creatively to motivate others to pray. Your can also turn your prayers into practical action by asking your church to support our petitions and campaigns.

Report an Incident of Persecution

Many suffer alone and the injustices done against them go undocumented. Use this form to report an incident of persecution or violation of religious freedom in Iran. We will keep the data as safe as possible and use it as instructed by (a) the persecuted individuals, (b) their families, or (c) churches to either raise public awareness or engage in discrete advocacy. Read our privacy policy for more information.

Spread the Word

Break the Silence!

Violation of religious freedom and persecution of Christians in Iran goes largely unreported in the mainstream media. You can help spread the word by following, sharing, retweeting the news and story of persecution on social media.


“To help the persecuted Christians and make religious freedom a reality in Iran, I stand with @ArticleEighteen.”



Join the conversation and be a voice for the voiceless and persecuted Christians in Iran.



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