We aim to defend and promote religious freedom in Iran by engaging in documentation, advocacy work, raising awareness through the provision of reliable reports and news updates, training, and assisting victims of persecution, the combination of which we call DARTS!


We provide detailed and objective historical records of violations of Iranian Christians' right to religious freedom, and on the basis of these records establish responsibility for patterns of human rights abuses. By doing this we hope to promote accountability and respect for religious rights and the rule of law in Iran.


Together, we are working to inform, motivate and mobilise individuals to take action on behalf of those who face persecution in Iran. We use advocacy to influence the legislation, policies, attitudes and behaviours which reinforce religious discrimination and persecution in Iran. Based on our research, monitoring and documentation, we make recommendations to governments, international institutions and policymakers to bring about positive changes. You can help us to make a difference by raising our concerns with country leaders, representatives and governments.

Raising Awareness

Article18 has come to be recognised as a trusted source of information on the situation of Iranian Christians. We have been monitoring events closely and reported on violations of religious freedom in Iran for years. In most cases, we have direct contact with victims, their families, and their church leaders. We have therefore been able to offer informed and trustworthy updates to the press and various institutions. Also, through our regular newsletters, and the use of multimedia, we keep mobilising action and worldwide prayers for victims.


A core part of our work is to provide training that equips Christians to face persecution, whether tools for church leaders, discipleship for Christians, or trauma-awareness training to help those who have suffered, and to help their churches to deal sensitively with them.

Support & Assistance

We offer practical help to the victims of persecuted and their families to enable them to endure hardship, recover from trauma and maintain their presence and witness in their community by facilitating practical, legal and medical support as well pastoral encouragement and informed trustworthy expertise.