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Iranian Christian Prisoners List

An up-to-date, comprehensive list of Iran’s Christian prisoners.

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Know your Rights

All those active in society in Iran can expect to be arrested if they do not agree with
or adhere to the government's views. Knowing one's rights can
minimise the consequences of incarceration.

Report: The Cost of Faith

Persecution of Christian Protestants and Converts in Iran

Article18 made a considerable contribution to this 2013 report, in which the Center for Human Rights in Iran documented the rights violations of Protestant Christians in Iran within the context of international human rights laws and the rights guaranteed within Iran's own constitution.

A Cry from Iran

Two brothers, a murdered father and an untold story of pain and forgiveness are the inspirations behind a ten times award-winning documentary on the secret death of a prominent evangelical pastor in Iran, Haik Hovsepian. This is the untold story of Iranian Christian martyrs, and Christian converts, who became the victims of their beliefs and paid the ultimate price – their lives...

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