A core part of our work is to provide training that equips Christians to face persecution and safeguard their rights. Our trauma-awareness training also helps those who have suffered, and their churches to deal sensitively with them.

Trauma Awareness Seminars

For many persecuted Christians, horrendous memories of physical and emotional torture in prison keep chasing them for years. Our Trauma Awareness Seminars aim to help these victims with their traumatic experiences as a result of persecution, imprisonment and ill-treatment.

Preparing for Persecution Course

We seek to ensure that people - particularly those who are vulnerable to discrimination, intimidation or detention for their Christian activities - are able to have their voices heard on issues that are important to them, along with being able to defend and safeguard their rights.

Topical Webinar

Our webinars are provided on a secure platform, and sessions are taught by experts, covering a diverse array of topics related to Article18’s work. This can include religious freedom, advocacy, digital safety, trauma healing, and much more.