Arrest and continued detention of Christian convert Aziz Majidzadeh

Arrest and continued detention of Christian convert Aziz Majidzadeh

According to Article18’s sources, Christian convert Aziz Majidzadeh is still being detained, 40 days after his arrest near the city of Karaj.

Reports indicate that he was arrested at a friend’s workshop, where a number of Christians had gathered, on the night of 2 March.

In addition to arresting about 20 Christians, security agents seized some of their personal belongings, including mobile phones and laptops.

After the initial interrogations, most of those arrested were released, but Aziz remains in detention, though there has been no news of where he is being held.

Aziz is 54 years old and lives in Tehran with his wife and two children.

Arbitrary arrests and the issuance of unfair sentences against Iranian Christians for attending religious ceremonies at private residences – known as “house churches” – have become commonplace, despite a recent warning to the Iranian government by four UN human rights experts.

Independent experts have also confirmed that Christians in Iran face severe discrimination, especially those from a Muslim background who have converted.

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