Meysam Hojati released on bail

Meysam Hojati released on bail

Meysam Hojjati, a 34-year-old Christian convert arrested two days before Christmas, was released on bail on Wednesday after 15 days’ detention.

Meysam was arrested on Wednesday, 23 December, by four members of Isfahan’s Ministry of Intelligence, who slapped him in the face, in front of his parents, and confiscated personal items including his Bible, Christian pamphlets, computer, phone, and the Christmas tree.

He was handcuffed and blindfolded, then taken to an unknown location, where he was kept in solitary confinement for 12 days in a small room (about 2×3 metres) that had no windows.

He was interrogated for 10-12 hours daily and beaten and threatened when he failed to provide an acceptable answer. He was also forced to sign a commitment to have no further involvement in Christian activities.

He was transferred to the prison’s “Alef Ta” ward for security prisoners two days before his release.

After following up on his case, his parents were summoned to an Isfahan Revolutionary Court on 6 January, then Meysam was released after submitting a property deed to secure his 100 million toman bail (around $65,000).

He has been charged with “baptism, propagating Christianity, teaching and distributing the Bible, and encouraging the establishment and organisation house-churches”.

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