Converts arrested at Karaj house church

Converts arrested at Karaj house church

At least six converts to Christianity were arrested at a “house church” in Karaj last Friday, 10 April. 

Among those arrested were Abbas Seifzadeh, Mehdi Abdollahi, Saeed Heidari, Yashar Ghalandari, M. Ishaqi, Hengameh Taghavi, Mohammad Ghadimi, a man named Vahik, and another whose identity is unknown.

The group were arrested during a raid by plainclothes officers on Abbas’ house, where they had gathered for prayer and worship, and taken away in two vans.

Abbas’ neighbours were also intimidated by the officers, who searched his house and confiscated Christian books, CDs and pamphlets, and his satellite-television equipment.

Efforts of family members to discover where their loved ones are being held have so far proved fruitless.

Iran is among the top-ten countries on the World Watch List produced by Open Doors International – of the 50 countries in which it is most difficult to be a Christian. 

In recent days, churches in the city of Orumiyeh, in West Azerbaijan Province, were sent a letter by the local police department warning them not to hold Easter celebrations.

Iran is ranked among the top-ten worst persecutors of Christians by Open Doors, which noted in its latest report that Christian converts in Iran are routinely persecuted, imprisoned, ordered to return to Islam and threatened with execution.