Three ‘Church of Iran’ members arrested in Bandar Anzali

Three ‘Church of Iran’ members arrested in Bandar Anzali

Security agents arrested three members of the “Church of Iran” denomination in Bandar Anzali on Saturday, 5 July.

The three Christians were arrested at the home of Abdolreza (Matthias) Ali-Haghnejad, who is a member of the church in Bandar Anzali. The other two, Mohammad Roghangir and Soroush Saraei, belong to the Shiraz branch of the church. 

After their arrest, the three men were taken to an unknown location.

The arrests were carried out by a group of plainclothes agents from the Ministry of Intelligence, who confiscated a number of Abdolreza’s belongings, including his computer, mobile phone, pamphlets, books and Bible.

Abdolreza has been arrested several times for his “house church” activities. 

Meanwhile, both Mohammad and Soroush were among the eight Christians arrested in October 2012 and later handed jail sentences of six years and two and a half years, respectively, by the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz. They have been on bail since March 2013.

Behnam Irani is another member of the Church of Iran denomination, who is serving a nearly six-year jail sentence in Ghezel Hesar prison in Karaj. Last month he was transferred to an unknown location for two weeks, where he was subjected to continued interrogation and threats, in spite of his severe ill health. He was returned to prison on 7 June, after several days of continuous interrogation and pressure and threats.