‘Christians are seen as cooperating with America to take the throne from Iran’

‘Christians are seen as cooperating with America to take the throne from Iran’

Dabrina Bet-Tamraz (Twitter)

Dabrina Bet-Tamraz says Christians in Iran are “seen as cooperating with America to take the throne from Iran”. 

“This is something they [the Iranian authorities] say,” said the daughter of pastor Victor Bet-Tamraz and Shamiram Issavi, both of whom are facing years in prison for their Christian activities, in an interview with Dubai-based website Al Arabiya English.

Dabrina said her family were “followed all the time… They even broke into our house. We had spies within the church and at times soldiers standing in front of it. I was detained so many times I’ve lost track of the number”.

Dabrina, who has been an outspoken advocate for Christians in Iran, speaking alongside members of the US government at a number of high-level events, thanked Donald Trump and his administration for being a “loud voice” on religious freedom.

“America has an influence on Iran and can effect change,” she said. “I’m aware that Trump administration officials are mentioning cases of Christian persecution in Iran in their negotiations. Religious freedom is a topic of focus for President Trump.”

Dabrina said that her message to the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, was “that freedom of religion is a foundational right for all your citizens”.

She added that she still had hope that Iranians could one day enjoy full religious freedom.

“It’s not a big hope, but I do have hope,” she said. “Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing in speaking out. I trust that God is working, doing signs and wonders in Iran, despite the persecution.”

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