Empower Iranian Christian Refugees: Join the Movement to Sponsor Their New Beginnings!

Empower Iranian Christian Refugees: Join the Movement to Sponsor Their New Beginnings!

Traditionally, many refugees have been relocated to safe countries through the UN mechanism, but this system has been paused in the past few years, and now only a small percentage of those relocated are Iranians, and an even smaller percentage are Iranian Christians.

This means that there are few clear prospects for these Christians to be relocated. But one of the very few options available for them is to be accepted with a refugee-sponsorship visa to a country like Canada. The United States also recently created a similar scheme, based on the Canadian model.

In Canada, an organisation, charity or group of individuals can apply to become a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH). Once they have this licence, the SAH can sponsor refugees for the first year of their relocation to Canada, which means providing for their housing and other expenses while they learn the language and are familiarised with their new context.


The sponsorship is for one year, and costs roughly 16,000 Canadian dollars per person, with a reduced per-person rate for families.

Thankfully, some families and individuals have already made their way to Canada through this scheme, but many others are stuck in Turkey because no church knows about them or has heard their story.


In response to this need, Article18 has compiled around 100 briefings of families and individuals stranded in Turkey.

Article18 has been asked to help them find potential homes in churches and communities that are willing to accept them.

So if you are a leader or member of a church or SAH in Canada, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to introduce you to a family in need. Or consider adopting a refugee.


There is also opportunity for individuals, organisations and churches outside Canada to contribute to this process, as some licence-holders in Canada have the willingness to help but are short of finances.

Article18 could help coordinate this multilateral relief operation by connecting sources of funding with churches and individuals in need.

There have already been examples of churches in Canada offering their licence to relocate some individuals, with churches in other countries being willing to undertake the financial commitment.

Again, if you can help in this regard, please don’t hesitate to contact us or consider adopting a refugee.

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