Publication date: 2015
Published by: The Christians in Parliament APPG and the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief
Number of Pages: 19

The Persecution of Christians in Iran

This joint report is the result of a follow-up enquiry into the persecution of Christians in Iran by the Christians in Parliament All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) and the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief. The report catalogues the abuses Christians have suffered during Hassan Rouhani’s presidency, despite the optimism he generated with promises to improve civil rights. The report hopes to draw attention to the lack of religious freedom in Iran and to encourage the UK government to prioritise this issue in all dialogue with Iran. The report concludes: “The persecution remains as severe today as it was in 2012.”

The report quotes Ajay Shama of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as saying: “There has been no substantive change in Iran’s human-rights record since the election of President Rouhani; in fact, by some indicators you could argue that things have gotten worse.”

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